Saturday, August 16, 2008

Science - a game of belief the whole family can play

The basis of science is a simple game that anyone in your family can play.

it goes like this: take any simple observation and ask yourself 'if God didn't do this, what did?'

The idea is not to deny the existence of God. Science has nothing useful or intelligent to say on that subject.

The idea is to seek simple explanations for simple observations of natural phenomena and to use the solutions to improve our lives.

The Game of Science has brought us tampons, computers, microwaves and flushable toilets. It is a fun game.

Teach it to your children.

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Anonymous said...

In the U.S. We have trees who's seeds are shaped like a helicopter blade allowing the wind to carry the seeds and expand the tree community.

The idea that this simple thing happened by accident or as a function of natural selection is simply ludicrous.

Whether it's god, aliens, or "the force", this is obviously a result of intelligent design.