Sunday, August 24, 2008

Visual Task Management

So I am a great fan of using task lists and to do lists, but have often found myself a little frustrated with my inability to group tasks visually, move them around the screen, collapse them together, file them away and generally treat them like pieces of paper.

this is an alpha version of a combination todo list and task management application that is designed to let tasks be grouped visually, filed away for future reference, moved from one task to another, become projects themselves and so forth.

Basically I am aiming for a very flexible way of pushing tasks around, and this lets me do most of that, I am interested in what people think and whether you find it generally useful.

it is written in fairly OO php 5, and uses the prototype javascript library pretty heavily for the ajax stuff.


its a little slow, btw. this is caused entirely by the fact it is run on a godaddy server.

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